"Havel" is the first major fact-based biopic about the global human-rights icon and Czech president Vaclav Havel. The film spans three decades, from the tumultuous Prague Spring of 1968 through Havel’s rise to leadership of the Czech nation. Focusing on Havel’s formative years, the film unearths lesser known events from Havel’s life and bridges gaps in the official Havel biography.

"No one can torture you more than your own conscience."

At the center of the film is Havel’s gradual transformation from introspective and celebrated playwright in the 60’s, to the banned and jailed human rights activist in the 70’s, to national hero in the 80’s. It’s the story of a self-doubting intellectual torn between his reckless passions and his sense of duty to his country and his ideals. To command a nation Havel must first take command of himself.

More than a simple biopic, the film is infused with Havel’s signature absurdist humor, his irreverent theatricality, and his profound understanding of human nature. Havel was the rarest of artists: he was both a man of the theater and a man of action. He was a great entertainer, but his determined bravery inspired millions to political engagement. His words and his actions literally changed the world.

Crew & Informations

Directed by: Slavek Horak

Written by: Slavek Horak & Rudolf Suchanek

Producer: Slavek Horak

Starring: Viktor Dvorak, Anna Geislerova, Martin Hofmann, Barbora Seidlova, Adrian Jastraban, Jiri Bartoska

Production Company: TVORBA films

Running time: 103 min.

Budget: 2,4 mil. EUR

Language: Czech

Format: 1:2,35, color, digital

Premiere: 21.7.2020 (Czech republic)